Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom

Learning for Life:

Educational Words of Wisdom

By Teri Ann Berg Olsen


The following review appeared in Jay Ryan’s Classical Astronomy Update (Friday, September 14, 2007).

Learning For Life - A Book of Quotations for Homeschoolers

As some readers might have noticed, I love quotations! I've often used quotes in the Update, and our astronomy curriculum Signs & Seasons is full of quotes, some pages having more than one. It's a joy to read words of wisdom from luminaries of the past and present. I've also found it be a great way to learn history. Why read a book about the conquests of Caesar when you can read Caesar's own books (which are the primary sources for the historical events)?

Now we Christian homeschoolers finally have our own book of quotations: Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom by Teri Ann Berg Olsen. Learning for Life includes almost 3,000 quotations by more than 1,000 people (including a collection of Bible verses) on education and child training -- teaching, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Topic areas span from Education & Instruction and Parents & Parenting to Nature & The Outdoors and Curriculum & Lessons. The quoted individuals range from Socrates to Galileo, famous classic authors and artists, American Founding Fathers, contemporary figures like George and Laura Bush, and homeschool luminaries such as Michael Farris and John Taylor Gatto.

Every homeschool should have a copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. But now we also have Mrs. Olsen's Learning for Life to go alongside on that shelf. I'd encourage everyone to order a copy of this wonderful resource directly from Teri's website.

Teri, I have looked at your book and am amazed at the number of quotes you have amassed! ~Marilyn Rockett, author of Homeschooling at the Speed of Life
"“You have to study a great deal to learn a little,” Charles Montesquieu once said, but all one needs to do is to read but a little of Learning for Life to learn a lot. With nearly 3000 quotations by more than 1000 people at your fingertips this book is a wealth of wisdom. Veteran homeschooling mom and writer Teri Olsen has packed her years of research into this handy, enlightening, and valuable book. Beginning with a selection of bible verses, Learning for Life is neatly organized into topical sections for easy reference. The pool of philosophers, writers, religious leaders, educators and other historical figures Teri has sampled is nothing less than impressive. Read what Einstein has to say about imagination, or what Ambrose Bierce thinks of Education. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Charlotte Mason – all the great men and women of our history are there with their nuggets of truth and enduring wisdom for the ages. You’ll also find brief biographical notes on the originator of each quotation so you can familiarize yourself with the individual’s background or place in history, and learn if the author was self- or home-educated. This book is perfect for students, writers, pastors, or anyone who is looking for that perfect quote but doesn’t have the time or energy to find it, and will certainly make a fine addition to your home library. I had a blast reading it and Teri's book has inspired me to start using quotes in my own writing. Like a garnish on a well-prepared dish, the perfect quote can make all the difference. As Austin Phelps once said, “Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”" ~Kathy Davis, HomeSchoolBuzz.com
"From Abigail Adams to Zig Ziglar, Learning for Life includes wisdom any teacher, student, writer, or speaker can use…and benefit from learning. For example: on the subject of Genius and Intelligence Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.” As the auntie to some very smart children – I’d have to agree! As a reader I found myself moving from quote to quote…page to page…non-stop! This has already become a valuable tool for me as a writer and speaker – I will use it often. Learning for Life would make a great gift for the teachers in your life or those studying to teach." ~Joy DeKok, author of Rain Dance and Under His Wings
"Thank you for sending me your excellent book...It is such a great idea and the sections of thoughtful quotes and how they are divided into areas of life is so good. I am just amazingly impressed at your ability to give thought to them all and find so many excellent words of insight to show." ~Marcia Melton, Reference Librarian, Paul A. Elsner Library
"Your book is incredible. Perfect for a couple of college students. References will make them seem so smart. I can't believe the work and research this entailed." ~Jean Fitzgerald, retired teacher
"What a wonderful resource! Here is a book with almost 3,000 quotations from various individuals throughout the ages. These are not just any quotes, however. These little sayings emerged from hardworking, thinking people who wanted to inspire those who heard them speak or read their works. Men like John Adams, James Madison, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, James Madison, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, Blaise Pascal, Abraham Lincoln, John Wesley – even from James Dobson and D. James Kennedy. Artists like Frank Lloyd Wright, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and William Shakespeare. Women such as Abigail Adams, Charlotte Mason, Jane Austen, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. The list goes on! Learning for Life is a perfect addition to any homeschool reference library. It’s also perfect for my “writers bookbag,” a small, limited bag of “much needed” books I take with me on writing seminar conferences where I meet and critique with aspiring writers. Essay writing and authorship just got easier! This is a must-have book - highly inspirational for writers!" ~Product Review by: Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
This is a convenient resource for students who need quotations for written or spoken presentations. Being in the education field myself, I am aware of how often a quotation can be helpful to provide support or controversy, history or humor for a particular topic. Familiar as well as mind-challenging quotes can make an otherwise ordinary presentation into a memorable one. I found this book to be well researched and documented. It has an easy to use layout and would be an excellent time saver for the busy college student who is looking to add insightful quotes to a term paper or speech but doesn't have time to spend searching in library books or on the internet. ~D.B., Amazon.com reviewer
"Your book is overwhelming! I am in awe of what you have done! What an impressive collection of useful and inspiring quotations." ~Joyce Huffaker, AP English teacher and college instructor
"This wonderful inspirational book, Learning For Life, is priceless for any educator! It's an amazing collaboration of time-honored quotes from history's great men and women. Teachers and parents will be amazed at the wisdom from many notables who knew how to get education at its fullest." ~Helene Charles, homeschool mom
"The wisdom of many ages, all in one volume! What a valuable source of inspiration, insight, and encouragement. Young and old will find in its words that perfect nugget of wisdom that will inspire them to greater heights. Everyone should have this book on their shelf, to be used again and again." ~Kelly Maynard, former principal, Desert Hills Christian School
"This book is a treasure-trove of educational quotations, full of thoughtful words of wisdom. I discovered valuable insights on every page. All parents and teachers can benefit from this book." ~Claudia Hauser, substitute teacher
"Imagine having all these great educational quotes right at your fingertips! I think every educator-whether public, private, Christian, or homeschooler-should keep this book on his or her reference shelf to read and refer to regularly." ~Nicole Bates, tutor
"This is an inspiration to educators everywhere!" ~Lisa Mayer, public school teacher
"An intelligent combination of traditional educational thought and progressive school reform philosophy is woven into this rich tapestry of wise sayings from throughout history. A must-have for anyone who has an interest in education." ~Steve Smith, father of four
"This book is full of edifying examples and thoughtful insights on education and parenting. It is enlightening, encouraging, and empowering." ~Jill McDonnell, parent/teacher
"The book is a remarkable treasured collection of solacing quotes, which will inspire a person and in turn give wisdom. It is not only for home educators but also for all educators. I found myself immersed in reading them and saying "this is so true" with ones I never had read before. I also found myself reading and explaining some of the quotes to my 10½-year-old son. It is something that you will go back to again and again because you will learn and be inspired from it." ~Margaret E. Bradley-Simard, Retired School Psychologist/Psychometrist
"A refreshing collection of timeless - and timely - quotations. Just open this book to any page and you are guaranteed to find a wellspring of wisdom and common sense." ~Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson, Library Assistant
"I love this book! It isn't a dusty old volume of academic quotes from some stuffy professor; it's more like a handbook of living lessons on learning. People will enjoy reading it!" ~Jessica, homeschool student

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