Many website owners are facing the problem of content theft. This is a serious issue of great importance. Web bloggers and authors such as myself spend much time and effort writing web pages to provide unique content and bring visitors to our site. Then “Copy Cats” come along and simply copy our content onto their website, blogs, and social media pages without permission and without attribution making it appear to be their own work. As if to add insult to injury, the copied page often gets ranked higher in the search engine than my original page! contains the same information about famous homeschoolers and homeschool parents that you may have seen at my original site, Over the years, my list of Famous Homeschoolers and Famous Homeschool Parents grew to become the most comprehensive and popular one - and unfortunately also the most copied page on my site. I finally decided to convert my list into a whole new website with multiple pages in an attempt to keep people from simply copying my list. Nevertheless, if you see a list of famous homeschoolers / homeschool parents floating around in an e-mail, posted on a homeschooling forum or elsewhere on the internet, like at Bridgeway Academy, Pioneer Woman, and Homeschool Academy, it's probably mine! (I know for a fact that mine was at one time the FIRST and ONLY list of Famous Homeschool Parents.)

I truly appreciate your interest in my list of Famous Homeschoolers and Famous Homeschool Parents, and am honored that so many people find these lists to be informative and useful. However, taking and using it without permission is a violation of copyright. Just consider how you would feel if you had spent years putting a page of information together as a labor of love only to have it copied and mass-produced all over the internet with no credit given and no link back. To top it off, after you've done all of the work, your own site gets none of the traffic. If you have inadvertently copied it onto your site or blog, I ask you to either remove it or give credit to me in a prominent place on the page along with a link back to my site. Thanks! ~Teri

Feel free to make a link to any page on this web site, but please DO NOT COPY. is the new home for the only Famous Homeschoolers list of mine that is continually updated, and the only one where you can click on links to more detailed biographies of selected individuals. I've even created some buttons and banners for your convenience, so it's easy for you to direct people to the most up-to-date and accurate list of Famous Homeschoolers.


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Did You Know...? Many of the names on my list were ones that I discovered while
doing research for my book, Learning for Life: Educational Words of Wisdom.

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