Benjamin Banneker
first African-American scientist

Reid Barton
mathematician and programmer; first student to win four gold medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad

Wilson A. Bentley
"The Snowflake Man"

George Washington Carver
agricultural researcher

Augustin-Louis Cauchy
French mathematician

Pafnuty Chebyshev
Russian mathematician

Pierre Curie
discovered radium

Albert Einstein
theoretical physicist

Paul Erdos
Hungarian mathematician

Michael Faraday

Pierre de Fermat
greatest amateur mathematician in history

Evariste Galois
French mathematical prodigy

Sophie Germain
French mathematician

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Nobel Prize winner in physics

William Hamilton
Irish mathematician

Oliver Heaviside
electromagnetism researcher

Fred Hoyle
British physicist

T.H. Huxley
biologist, zoologist, Darwinist

Carl Jacobi
German mathematician

Ruth Lawrence

Gilbert Newton Lewis
physical chemist

John D. Linsley

Ada Lovelace
founder of scientific computing

Benoit Mandelbrot
pioneer in fractal geometry

Isaac Newton
English physicist, astronomer, mathematician

Blaise Pascal
French mathematician and philosopher

Charles Sanders Peirce
American logician, mathematician, philosopher

Henri Poincaré
French mathematician and man of letters

Joseph Priestley
father of modern chemistry

Bernhard Riemann
German mathematician

Erwin Schrodinger
Austrian physicist

Samuel C. C. Ting
Chinese American physicist

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Russian rocket scientist

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