Abigail Adams
wife of John Adams; mother of John Quincy Adams

Ansel Adams
landscape photographer

Susan B. Anthony
women’s rights leader

John James Audubon
ornithologist and artist

Alyssa Buecker
director, Milbo Productions

Amy Burritt
traveled around the country to meet the governors of all 50 states

John Burroughs

Jennie Chancey
historical costumer

Davy Crockett

Edward Curtis

Clarence Darrow

Amelia Earhart
American aviation pioneer

Garet Garrett
leading conservative economics writer of the 1920s and 1930s

Robin Lee Graham
first teenager to sail alone around the world

Alex and Brett Harris
twin teen writers and conference speakers for "The Rebelution," a Christian ministry/youth organization

Eric Hoffer
social philosopher

Sam Houston
lawyer; first leader of Texas

Julia Ward Howe
abolitionist and women's rights activist who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Gianna Jessen
abortion survivor and pro-life activist

Abraham Kuyper
Dutch politician, journalist

Mary Leakey
fossil hunter

Charles Fletcher Lummis
journalist, historian, photographer, founder of the Southwest Society

Robert Malthus
British demographer and economist

Harriet Martineau
first woman sociologist

Margaret Mead
cultural anthropologist

John Stuart Mill
free-market Economist

Charles Louis Montesquieu

John Muir

Sandra Day O'Connor
first woman justice on the U.S. Supreme Court

Annie Oakley
American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter

Raymond Parks
Civil Rights activist, husband of Rosa Parks

Sofia, Susan, and Judit Polgar
chess masters

Ferdinand Porsche
engineer and designer of cars and tanks

Bill Ridell

Will Rogers

Eleanor Roosevelt
wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lila Rose
founder of the pro-life group Live Action

Bertrand Russell

Drew Ryun
co-founder of Generation Joshua, director of Jim Ryun Running Camp

Ned Ryun
co-founder of Generation Joshua, president of American Majority

Deborah Sampson
female soldier in the American Revolution

Teresa Scanlan
Miss America 2011

Herbert Spencer
English philosopher, sociologist, political theorist

Gloria Steinem
founder of Ms. magazine

Abby Sunderland
youngest person to sail around Cape Horn at age 16

Zac Sunderland
youngest person to sail alone around the world at age 17

Timmy Teepell
chief of staff for Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

Darrell Waltrip
NASCAR racer

Lester Frank Ward
Father of American Sociology

Martha Washington
wife of George Washington

Jessica Watson
youngest person to sail solo and unassisted around the world

Frances E. C. Willard
educator, temperance leader, and suffragist

Frank Lloyd Wright

John Lloyd Wright
architect, toy designer, inventor of Lincoln Logs

Sho Yano
gifted child prodigy

Elijah ben Solomon Zalman
Jewish scholar

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