Amos Bronson Alcott
innovative teacher, father of Louisa May Alcott

Susan Wise Bauer
English professor, College of William & Mary

Catharine Beecher
co-founder of the Hartford Female Seminary

George Washington Carver
African-American educator, Tuskegee Institute

Jill Ker Conway
first woman president of Smith College

Erik Demaine
associate professor of Computer Science at MIT

Timothy Dwight
President of Yale University

William Samuel Johnson
President of Columbia College

Kristin Maguire
Head of the South Carolina Board of Education
“How many children should a person have in public school in order to be qualified to head a state school board? None, according to Kristin L. Maguire, the mother of four home-schooled children and the chair-elect of the South Carolina board of education.”

Horace Mann
"Father of the American Common School"

Charlotte Mason
Founder of Charlotte Mason College of Education

Joyce Reed
Associate Dean of the College, Brown University

Fred Terman
President of Stanford University

Frank Vandiver
President of Texas A&M University

Booker T. Washington
teacher and founder of Tuskegee Institute

Noah Webster
"Father of American Christian Education"

John Witherspoon
President of Princeton University

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