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Lisa Whelchel

Former Actress Enjoys Her Current Role Best: Wife and Homeschooling Mom

Lisa Diane Whelchel was born on May 29, 1963. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Her mother enrolled her in acting classes beginning at age 7. Lisa became a Mouseketeer for “The New Mickey Mouse Club” at age 13, which was her first big break into show business. “The New Mickey Mouse Club” ran in syndication from 1977-1978. However, Lisa is probably best known for her starring role as Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life” from 1979-1988.

While working on the long-running sitcom, Lisa found time to pursue other projects such as a few TV movies and a recurring role as Caroline on “The Love Boat.” At the height of her TV success in 1984, Whelchel launched a Christian pop album called “All Because of You.” Songs featured on the album include “Cover Me Lord,” “Good Girl,” and “Just Obey.”

After “The Facts of Life” went off the air, Lisa’s acting career basically came to an end. On July 9, 1988, within months of the final “Facts of Life” episode, she married Steven Cauble – an associate pastor, meeting planner, and director of information at the Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. Lisa and her husband Steve are devoted parents who homeschool their three children: Tucker (b. 1990), Haven (b. 1991), and Clancy (b. 1992).

Lisa was raised in a Christian home, she committed her life to Christ at age 10, and as a Hollywood celebrity her faith never wavered. Today, Lisa remains devoted to her faith and her family. She has written many books that provide advice and guidance on various topics based on what works for her, and based upon her belief in the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus. These include topics such as child discipline and parenting, with a special emphasis on practical encouragement for moms. She explains, “I share my stories about everyday stuff from raising kids, to hard times in marriage, to weight issues. Just things that women deal with.”

Lisa feels that being a wife and mother is her greatest and most challenging role yet. She says, “If you are anything like me, talking with other mothers stimulates, encourages, corrects, and inspires me to be a better wife and mommy.” With a goal to refresh and equip other mothers, she started MomTime Ministries, MomTime Get-A-Ways, a MomTime Book Club, and Personal Mom Coaching. Lisa is truly a mentor to moms everywhere, and her commitment to strong family values is making a real difference in the lives of children and parents across the nation while helping women sow spiritual seeds in the next generation.

When her children were still in diapers, Lisa started hosting weekly get-togethers with other moms at her home in Santa Clarita, California. This became the first MomTime group focusing on friends, faith, food, and fun. The kids would play while the moms would talk and cook. Lisa also compiled an extensive library of homeschooling materials and resources to share. However, Lisa says that she has personally “always received the best advice and encouragement from other homeschoolers, rather than a book or lecture.”

Lisa is a dedicated advocate of homeschooling, as you can tell from her own words:

“I didn't put two-and-two together until recently that I was actually homeschooled as a child! I went to public school through sixth grade until I moved from Texas to California to become a Mouseketeer on the New Mickey Mouse Club. While on that show, I was tutored on the set. From there, I kept up my studies independently until my first year on "The Facts of Life." At which time there was an actor’s strike so we were off work for six months. I enrolled in a Christian school in Texas that used a homeschool curriculum. By doubling up on my work, I was able to graduate high school at sixteen. Upon returning to California, I was able to continue working on the show without having to put in the mandatory three hours a day with a tutor on the set.

The responsibility of a job, travel opportunities, long hours reading good books on the set have prepared me for life in more valuable ways than any of the years I spent in a traditional school setting. Even so, that was not my original reason for homeschooling my own children. Finances played the biggest part in the beginning. Public school in Los Angeles was not an option I wanted to consider, and we couldn’t afford to send three children, born three years in a row, to a private school. Homeschooling appeared to be our last resort, when in reality, God was simply backing us into His perfect will for our lives.

Over the years, it has become more and more obvious why God led us to homeschool. It is perfect for each of my children for unique reasons. My son, Tucker, has ADHD. I’m afraid that if he were forced to conform to a classroom setting along with 30 other children, he would spend more time in the principal’s office than receiving an education. The message he would probably internalize would be the belief that he is a dumb kid and a bad boy. I believe homeschooling has been the saving grace for his self-esteem.

My oldest daughter, Haven, is a gifted student. Because we don’t have to place any limits on her progress, she is able to set her goal of graduating by the age of 14. From there, she has already plotted her course through Patrick Henry College and onto a career in politics, leading to her election as the first female president of the United States. My youngest daughter, Clancy, is a sensitive child. I can see how providing a loving, secure environment at home has enabled her to thrive in her God-given temperament. She is a delightful, serving, praying people-person. Believe me, nobody would bother asking the proverbial “What about socialization” question after meeting my kids. Between church programs, Little League, homeschool groups, neighborhood friends, and tons of traveling . . . if there is a problem, it is too much socialization.”

Although hardly the globe-trotting socialite character that she portrayed on TV, Lisa and her family went on a yearlong adventure traveling and exploring America in an RV. Tiffin Motorhomes Inc., of Red Bay, Alabama, loaned a 40-foot Allegro Bus to the Whelchels in the summer of 2001. They called this “The Family Dream.” The purpose of their national tour was to gather data for a new book, tentatively titled Finding God in America. Lisa and her husband worked while on the road, in between stopping at historical sites, factory tours, national parks, etc. Lisa homeschooled the kids, spoke at churches, and signed books along the way.

Since 2000, Lisa has written more than ten books, the first of which was Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline. She is the author of The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me, So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling, The ADVENTure of Christmas, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Prayer, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Wisdom, The Busy Grandma’s Guide to Prayer (co-written with her mom, Genny Coleman), Speaking Mom-ese, How to Start Your Own MomTime, Creative Correction - The Bible Study, Taking Care of the Me in Mommy, and This is My Story.

Lisa is passionate about scrapbooking, saying “I document just about everything my kids do or have done, either in photos, journaling or memorabilia.” She created This is My Story to be a combination Bible study/scrapbook, though it requires no prior scrapbooking experience. It guides you in creating a keepsake storybook of your personal walk with God. Through daily Bible study and journaling activities, you will remember the significant faith stories and spiritual markers of your life. Then you will record them on archival-safe papers and place them in the album pages. By the end of the study, you’ll have a beautiful storybook that will be a treasured heirloom for children, grandchildren, or other loved ones.

As a mother, Lisa's idea of a perfect evening is one spent with family, ordering a pizza, and playing a game together. She says “Kids will remember the times you played with them long after they forget their states and capitals.” Lisa is a spokeswoman for Alpha Omega Publications, a Christian homeschool curriculum company. She is also the National Spokesperson for the “Feed My Brain” line of nutritional supplements for adults and children. Apparently four out of five of Lisa’s family members experienced a double-digit gain in I.Q. after just 51 days of taking the product.

Lisa says, “My job is to pay attention to my children's genius and allow those leanings to lead them to their future. Teach them to read and love good books. Establish a solid foundation in math. Beyond that, foster a love for learning and there will be no stopping them. If God has ordained higher education for them, believe me, He will have equipped them for it. If not, then release them to become all that He has created them to be, even if—no, especially if—they break out of the mold.”


Lisa Whelchel’s Official Website is You can learn more about her family’s homeschool adventure at and re-live their cross-country trip at

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